About NZ PrEP

The NZ PrEP Demonstration Project (NZPrEP) is exploring the acceptability, uptake, and impact of Truvada as HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.

An important part of the project is to find out the reasons people accept or decline PrEP and whether there are any differences in demographics, lifestyle, or attitudes between people in these two groups.

Among those who are eligible but decline PrEP, the project will document the reasons for this decision, and will compare the HIV and STI test results and other data of these people to the other project participants for 2 years into the future via the GAPSS sentinel surveillance system.

The results of this project will help determine the feasibility of providing an ongoing PrEP service for NZ.

Participants can access the study through Auckland Sexual Health at the Greenlane clinic
Information Flyer
Ethics Approval
The study has been approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committees (Ethics Reference: 16/NTA/112)
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